Hans Nijmeijer became a boomsculpturist due to his passion for nature, wood and design. For the last 15 years he sculptured various trees, preferably with abstract, organic lines interspersed with figurative images.

Hans Nijmeijer

This combination ensures that a sculpture is a quest for the eye, whereby any person can let his/her imagination run free. The wood is decisive, the diversity of nature is reflected in the wood grain, making every image a game full of challenges. This is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him. In addition to his free work, Hans Nijmeijer makes images on command, which result in very diverse products. This can include organic furniture, grave monuments, totem poles, play objects for natural playgrounds and occasionally an image from ice or even chocolate. Together with the client, he explores the possibilities that wood has to offer. From his atelier in Haaksbergen, he makes sculptures for clients throughout the Netherlands. His art can also be found in Belgium, Germany and even France.